We are business minded christians with a passion to cover the globe with the gospel.

Win the lost. Serve for the poor. Inspire the body of christ.

We will strive to be people who reflect the light of jesus: genuine, unveiling, loving, passionate, humble, reflective, intimate, powerful, righteous, generous and Christ-exalting in all things.


In the summer of 1984, Dana Morey felt that God was speaking to his heart to start a ministry to help fulfill the Great Commission. Dana asked God what to call it and was led to Isaiah 42:5-9. As he read that passage, he came upon the phrase, "I have called you as A Light to the Nations", and immediately knew that was to be the name. The ministry of A Light to the Nations has always been to use the resources that business produces, to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, minister to the needy, hurting and poor, and find ways to encourage and inspire believers to become and accomplish everything that God designed them for.


Dana Morey - Evangelist, Board Member (President), Volunteer

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Karman Morey - Conference Speaker, Board Member, Volunteer

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Randy Barr - Director of Mercy Ministries

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Corey McNamara - Director of International Evangelism, Board Member

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Ian Tumusime - African Director

Tony Woodall - Board Member (Secretary), Volunteer

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Terry G. Simpson - Board Member (Vice President), Volunteer

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David Barefoot - Board Member, Volunteer

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Ryne DeBoer - Board Member, Volunteer

Mike Reilley - Board Member, Volunteer