Kabale Uganda 2011

Mercy Ministry

Festival Overview



The Town

Kabale is on the southern border of Uganda, just north of Rwanda, and is a very undeveloped big town. Although the population base is large with over 500,000 people, the city is still without paved roads in most areas, dust fills the air and the streets are filled with orphans as the results of malaria, AIDS and war finally take their toll.

The great gospel festival was a transformative change for Kabale. The town had a huge football/soccer arena that was turned into a field for Jesus and the venue was packed. At first it was packed with with curious towns people...but by the end of the festival, it was packed with newly saved souls for Jesus.

The Testimony

People came from many miles away, most on foot, some via bus. Kabale is where we found Patrick, perhaps the man with the most amazing testimony of anyone we've come across at any gospel festival. Check out his amazing story about God's life saving and transforming power here: (insert hyperlink)

The Crayons

Although our formal mercy ministry was delivering mosquito nets to the children of Kabale (corey confirm what we did), a more informal mercy ministry was born for aLn. One of our team members families wanted to be involved in the ministry even though they couldn't come and after thoughtful prayer is was decided to deliver crayons. An entire suitcase was filled with crayons and coloring books of Jesus and delivered to the orphanages, schools and villages of Kabale. Most of the kids had never seen a crayon before. As they colored His image and the drawings were posted on walls, one prominent pastor noted, "the crayons are preaching a powerful Gospel for the children..." It's amazing to see God use such a small item to have an impact on His kingdom.

  • July 6-10 '11
  • 205,000 in attendance
  • Numerous gates were provided