Kayonza Rwanda 2010

Mercy Ministry

Festival Overview



The Lord's Leading

We started with the question "Lord, where in the world do you want us to go?" China? India? South America? We prayed and fasted and prayed some more. Our opportunities shook loose in Rwanda, East Africa. Then through miraculous divine appointments we were lead to the small town of Kayonza.

He Went Before Us

The Lord's leading was corroborated by awesome healings and miracles – BEFORE the festival. We sent Corey McNamara (International Director) to Kayonza ahead of the event to rally the churches and make key contacts. But The Lord had a much greater work in mind. He worked through Corey to pour out an amazing healing work among the people of Kayonza. The manifestation of Holy Spirit power through Corey's first visit caused a great spirit of expectation to rise up in the region. When we hit the ground for the event the people were pumped!

It Was Huge!

The first night of the festival was electric! The largest gathering ever seen in the region happened that night. The next day the government was in something of a panic. Nothing of this size or energy had ever hit this region. The governor requested a meeting with our team to talk about the event and offered to put additional security measures in place. He was in awe! Night after night the crowds grew bigger and the presence of the Holy Spirit intensified. Dana's preaching lead thousands upon thousands to genuine repentance from sin and true faith in Jesus Christ. Kayonza, Rwanda was a huge success. This would be the first of many successful gospel campaigns in East Africa.

  • July 7-11 '10
  • 230,000 in Attendance Over Five Nights
  • 25,000 Indicated Decisions for Jesus
  • 10 Tin Roofs For the Poor
  • First aLn Gospel Event in East Africa
  • Churches in Region See an Average of 3x Growth after Event