Musanze Tanzania 2013

Mercy Ministry

Festival Overview



Musanze is the largest city in the northern area of Rwanda, located 2 hours from the capital city of Kigali. The roads are fully paved, the infrastructure is decent and there seems to be a thriving business/commerce center. Preaching the gospel to the more "well off" areas of a country is just as important as bringing salvation to the slums. As Jesus tells us in the Gospels, "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter the kingdom of heaven." Wealth is relative to the poorest among us and having more than most, regardless of your measure, can bring about the same type of sin, greed, pride and selfishness as even the richest countries on earth. Through the power of Christ, we seek to show that money in the heart is bad, but money in the hand is good.

The Wheelchair

Night three was very powerful as the Holy Spirit surrounded the field and healing prayers were amazing. In a page taken right from the New Testament, there were blind eyes seeing, deaf ears hearing and yes, lame men walking. Dana had prophesied before the event even began "we will see a wheelchair raised in the air..." and sure enough, as he called for the lame to walk, the crowd went absolutely insane as a crippled man in the front row shakily rose from his chair and started taking a few steps. As the frenzied crowd erupted in sheer joy, someone picked up that wheelchair and held it over their head, shaking it to the heavens in a sign of victory for The Lord. The man made his way to the stage and told the crowd he'd been lame since birth, which was evident by his muscleless legs, and that Jesus was AWESOME!

The Media

Nobody on the aLn team knew this was going to happen, but on the fifth and final night of the gospel festival, a reporter from Radio Rwanda had made his way near the stage and held up his cell phone to the speaker. As Dana preached a message of salvation in Jesus Christ and the healing powers of the cross, the entire country of Rwanda was listening over the airwaves to this powerful message in real time. We were shocked to hear from so many friends later that night that said they heard the sermon, that the country was tuned in and receiving the powerful message.

  • July 3-7 '13
  • 255,000 in attendance
  • 15 roofs were given to genocide survivors