Mwanza Tanzania 2012



Welcome to Tanzania

The city of Mwanza hosted our first Gospel Festival in Tanzania. News of aLn festivals in the neighboring countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya inspired the Pastors and Leaders of Mwanza to invite us to host a Gospel Festival in their city. Tanzania has enjoyed relative peace and stable growth for decades. This is saying a lot for a country in East Africa! There is such hope and momentum in this great country – Mwanza was the first of many regions God has opened up for aLn in Tanzania.

The Opposition

aLn is no stranger to Spiritual Warfare. But the spiritual opposition we faced in Mwanza was like nothing we'd ever experienced before. Mwanza is known for its abundant witchcraft. That reputation was proven every day of the festival. Powerful demonic manifestations were distracting many from the Gospel message. But we were determined to fight. We were led by the Spirit to do a Jericho march around the festival grounds and we posted intercessors at every corner of the field. We had a great and powerful intercessory team that prayed night and day. We all were determined to not give up.

The Victory!

God is so amazing! He completely took over that field. Here are just a few amazing stories from that week. A Muslim woman was merely trying to walk across the field to the other side when she was hit by the power of the Holy Spirit. She woke up in the prayer tent and gave her life to Jesus. Another Hindu teenager was overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit and was delivered of deep oppression. He met Jesus that night. Many young people were delivered from demons. Many hundreds were healed of all manner of illnesses, infirmities and diseases. The crowd sizes were epic as well. Over 200,000 turned out for the last night of the event! The battle was bitter but the victory was sweet! Jesus wins…again.

  • Mar 7-11 '2012
  • 270,000 in Attendance Over Five Nights
  • 20,527 Indicated Decisions for Jesus
  • First aLn Gospel Event in Tanzania
  • Built 2 bridges
  • Many delivered from witchcraft and demonic oppression
  • Second largest crowd turn out in aLn history