Rusizi Rwanda 2015


The aLn Way

The full force of a powerful ALN Gospel Festival has set course for Rusizi!

Thousands upon thousands will hear the vital message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ- thousands will be delivered of evil influences – the lame will walk, the blind will see, the deaf will hear – hundreds of churches will be united under the banner of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - and choirs and worship teams will be celebrating victory all along the way!

We will also host a “Tea with Karman” Woman’s Conference with Karman Morey and a “Fire Conference” featuring ALN Mercy Ministry Director, Randy Barr.

Fresh Spirit, New Strategies

We are always sensitive to the Spirit of God and His leading. He is creative and fresh, always looking to mix things up! After much prayer and seeking, we’ve decided to add some new outreach strategies.

First off, we will be hosting two additional conferences: A Leaders Conference with specific focus on Bishops and Pastors and an exciting new concept called “City of Love”.

City of Love

"City of Love" will be comprised of several tents on the crusade field where different ministries will provide loving services to the people throughout the day.

Food & Hygiene Tent: In one tent we will be feeding the street children and the teaching them basic hygiene. We will give them a toothbrush and toothpaste and teach them how to brush their teeth. We will also teach them how to wash and avoid sickness. Missionary Doctors tell us that improving hygiene is the single biggest thing we can do to improve their health.

Prayer Tent: In another tent we will offer prayer.

“Jesus Film” Tent: In another we will set it up like a movie theater where we will show the Jesus film in the regional language. This will be the first and only movie most of them will ever see!

In the future, “City of Love” will invite other ministries to join us: nurses who can provide deworming medicine and lice treatments, dentists, doctors, engineers to build wells, etc. We expect the “City of Love”.

About Rusizi

Rusizi is located on the borders of three East African Countries: Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo. This strategic location is why we believe Rusizi could be one of the largest Gospel outreach efforts we’ve ever seen in East Africa!

We’re just getting started in Rusizi – we covet your prayers and look forward to providing ongoing and outstanding reports! Stay tuned!

Until the whole world knows,
Dana Morey