The Ukraine Project


In 1999, Dana Morey and his wife Karman traveled to Ukraine with the renowned Ukrainian Evangelist, Slavik Radchuk . While there they learned that more than 200,000 children were homeless and living on the streets and in sewers throughout the country. They witnessed children as young as four years old eating from garbage cans and begging for scraps! Very few were helping these children and the government had no money to run the few orphanages that existed at the time. God put a desire in their hearts to help. Soon, God opened a door. Working with Slavik, the Morey's met leaders of local churches and they agreed to a plan. A Light to the Nations would purchase and rehab buildings for orphans and the churches would staff the facilities and care for the children who would be rescued from the streets.


With no idea of where the money would come from, they committed to build 25 orphanages over a two year period! (Actually, they ended up building 28 orphanages in all). As soon as they made the promise, something incredible began to happen. Without ever, not even one time, asking anyone for a penny, people began to give to this project. They simply shared their hearts and people began to provide resources to get the project done! Today these orphanages are run by local churches and thousands of street kids are receiving shelter and education. Praise God!

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